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  • Worship: Sunday - 9.30 am – Lively Eucharist which always includes engagement with children.
  • Te Reo services:  Te Reo services happen on the third Sunday of every month.
  • Ethos: A servant congregation with a strong sense of community loyalty built around historical and family connections. New people welcomed, old relationships nurtured while working towards building a community of faith in Ōpōtiki.
  • Ethnicity: Mainly Pākeha, some Māori and others in an increasingly Māori community context with Te Reo used each Sunday as an integral part of the liturgy.  A special relationship  with the Torere congregation exists with combined worship each 5th Sunday of the month at Torere or Hiona.
  • Children: Children are an integral part of the life of the 9.30 am congregation and play their part alongside the adults. Children are always catered for at this service.Social: Morning tea after service each Sunday.
  • Outreach:  Communicate the Anglican mission story in Ōpōtiki in partnership with the local museum over the road; Anglican Homebased Childcare (Whakatāne) offers childcare in the area which includes a playgroup each week in the Hiona Hall; Growing through Grief operates from the parish offering programmes within local schools.
  • Highlights:  Mokomoko and Volkner, symbols for reconciliation. Constantly celebrating continuing reconciliation through tours of our historic church.